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Today we reached a milestone of 3 000 daily pictures here in LoJ. A big thank you to all of you who have shared this journey with us!


8 responses to “29.11.2012”

  1. Onpa hieno kuva, onnea rajapyykistä!!

  2. What a success! We are with you since 2007.
    Our warmest congratulations.
    Olivia & Smilla

  3. Imma and Rekawuffls

    What an amazing anniversary. Once again thx for sharing your beautiful dog’s life with us. Skål to the next 3.000 pictures!

  4. Onnea, onnea, kuva on aivan mahtava!
    Meidän lapsetkin ovat ihastuneet kuviinne ja käyvät katsomassa “niitä Reiskan rotuisia koiria” (Reiska siis on isäni flatti)

  5. this is awesome!

  6. Thank you for the time, care and effort you make sharing the ups and downs of pack life. See you at 6000!

  7. Thanks to you both for so much…

  8. Thank you all for beautiful words!

    / Kiitos kaikille kauniista sanoista!

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