• We spent the weekend at two local dog shows. How did you spend yours?

Kirsi at 08:03 12.08.2013 writes:

Haaveissa...koirahaaveissa. Kuumeilua ei suinkaan helpota teidän bloginne seuraaminen.

ramin at 08:06 12.08.2013 writes:

Kirsi: Pitäisikö laittaa vielä lisää pentukuvia? :)

Kirsi at 19:32 12.08.2013 writes:

Luulenpa etteivät pentukuvat toimi kuumetta alentavina, tosin en ole tehnyt aiheesta tarkempaa tutkimusta... ;)

R's Mom at 19:54 12.08.2013 writes:

Where did I spend mine? ....sitting in the yard wishing you were here instead of there..... :-)

anna at 20:03 12.08.2013 writes:

MIL: <3

dianna at 11:28 18.08.2013 writes:

At a 2 day retrieving trial.
How did you go at the shows?

anna at 09:27 19.08.2013 writes:

No big success for us at the shows. But we had a chance to meet lot of friends and had a good time! :)

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