Thank you for all your comments yesterday.

In his worse periods Flippe doesn’t want to go for walks or will walk with his head and tail hanging low.

Only rarely does Flippe have normal amounts of strength in his hind quarters and sometimes going up the stairs is challenging and he has difficulty keeping his balance in tighter turns.

During his more painful periods Flippe growls quite a bit. The growling is directed at the other boys in an attempt to leave himself more space to move in. The worst part has been when Flippe has occasionally cried out in pain when trying to get up.

The approaching winter is also a clear downer for Flippe. The snow and sleet of October and the mild frosts we’ve experienced have clearly had an effect on his spirits.

He has also stopped playing with us.


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    Palvelimemme on vaihtunut, joten kuva ei välttämättä heti näy. Valitettavasti emme itse voi vaikuttaa asiaan.

  2. Imma + 5 Rekawuffls

    This sounds all so very sad. Knowing what healthy flats are like …

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