Sulo the shoe rescuer


5 responses to “17.05.2012”

  1. Dianna

    The explosive energy in photo 1 and the “animated water feature” which is Sulo in photo 2. Great captures.

  2. Wow 2

    @Dianna – exactly wot you said!!!

    Breathtaking first shot; & the peaceful sense of fulfilled achievement in his face in shot 2 – stunning.

    A complete story in 2 shots … put that in your “in just 6 words for a bet” storytelling pipe & smoke it, Ernest Hemingway!

  3. Thanks. I’m surprised at the amount of storytelling you get from the photographs since for me they are “just shot of a retriever being a retriever.” And I’m supposed to be the storyteller here 😉

  4. dianna

    Most of our retrievers probably look like Sulo in these photos when retrieving – but there is no way in the world I, for one, could take a photo that showed more than a black thing splashing in the distance. Thank you again for letting us all see the wonderful photos you take.

  5. Thank you Dianna for following our doggy life! Well, they were black things somewhere out there in the beginning for us too but we have had several years of practice…

Do you still remember these moments?