Last Wednesday was the 19 anniversary of our little photoblog. Little did we know at the time how long we would continue publishing daily photographs of our boys documenting our lives and adventures. And the astonishing thing is, there are a few followers who we know have been with us pretty much from the beginning. Thank you!


5 responses to “19.09.2023”

  1. Alanna

    2004? Yep, that could include me! I love seeing the dogs and your travels and especially the Finnish countryside. Congratulations!

  2. Alanna, you are definitely one of them!

  3. Catherine

    I’m still here. I’m amazed at how your photographic skills have progressed.

  4. @Catherine: Thank you so much.

  5. R’s Mom

    And I’m in and out (mostly catching up after a time of inactivity)